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for Stephen & Marina Foster
In memory of both their dogs named Jake, & Cat-Critter
This Memorial  Park is provided and maintained by
Patrick & Cynthia Herrington
In memory of Kayla & Raven


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Jake  5/00 ~ 10/12 Jake & Critter 5/92 ~ 8/03
Kayla 11-96 ~ 3-08 Raven 12-97 ~ 7-10
Maggie2004 ` Apr-2013  

Our private Heavenly Paws Memorial Park is a large open meadow surrounded by beautiful wooded areas. We provide permanent shaded interment sites* for your beloved pet at very reasonable costs. On our acreage in the northern Danville area, adjacent to our beautiful Kennels and Grooming sites, are three acres permanently set aside for interment of your dearly loved pets. 

The grounds are open year round from early morning to sunset, the park is well maintained, and all grave and ash burial sites, with your memorial markers, are easily accessible for visits.

Fees vary according to size of grave needed. We open all graves and inter your pet before any memorial event you may desire. We also offer small interment areas for cremated pet's ashes. We then place a small concrete marker on their burial site.

If you desire; special custom markers or monuments can be placed on each burial site. We maintain a sample selection of a number of permanent markers and monument types available. Quality memorial markers can be custom made for your pet for very reasonable costs. Ask about this service. (See examples on this website)

All interments will be listed on this website which will include your pets name, photograph (with enlargement links), and date of birth and death (if provided) at no additional cost. The interments will be listed in alphabetical order.

Additionally, for a small fee, we offer your pets a permanent memoriam web page, accessed by clicking their name. We only need you to provide us your own pictures and your text about them and their life. (See examples by clicking green underlined Names at left).

*NOTE: We are not selling plots or land partials. We simply offer a service by providing space in a designated area and agree to maintain that space set aside for your pet. Inasmuch as the Kennels, grooming and water therapy treatment facilities are also on this land, there is a high probability that the Memorial Park, along with the pet resort and grooming center, will also remain for a considerable time in the future. All interments will remain in the original location and will not be moved or disturbed.

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